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Hi I'm Robert Piper

Graphic Designer

   Thank you for checking out my site! Originally, from Ohio I graduated from Ohio State University in 2005 with a degree in Political Science. I know what you’re thinking and yes I am totally aware that my Polisci degree with a concentration on post-soviet communist space does not have anything at all to do with what I’m doing now. Thank you mom and dad and sorry about that! After moving to NYC in 2007, I discovered my love for designing things and people around me started to take notice. After doing a few event posters and designing my first real paid logos for companies here in NYC, I discovered how to take my passion and turn into my day job.


   My experience started with Abercrombie & Fitch Corporate office where I first learned about branding and the importance of keeping a positive message. I started helping new and older companies not only create a logo or tag line but create and develop their vision. Creating new ads with a fresh approach, as well as how to market themselves for print and web. I have also created social media platforms to open a whole new demographic of people up to their company that they had not been able to reach effectively before.


   I continue to grow as a designer and look for new opportunities here in New York City and abroad. I have been lucky enough to have clients from all the world and I am looking forward to what design adventure and opportunity comes next!​


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